All parents want their kids to be kids, where they can play outside or at the park without concern for their safety from others. However, there is a small percent of bad people out their looking to prey on young kids who are easy to snatch for their own sick pleasures.

Being a parent today I believe in more challenging than when my kids were little, mainly because of technology, which has opened up a whole new way for pedophiles and traffickers to get, share and spread their illegal material.

This video is by YouTuber Joey Salad who conducts social experiments with parents permission

Abduction Awareness Classes

Watching this video, it is easy to see how trusting kids are. Naturally, we don't want our children to walk around fearful of every person they come in contact with. However, they need to learn some simple safety tips to be able to know what to do in situations they come across.


Ages 2-3 : This is a challenging age for many reasons. It can be difficult for them to understand what you are trying to teach them verbally because their brains are not developed enough to comprehend some words with their meaning. In my toddler class, we learn people safety through fun games that involve hand signals. Kids have fun, do not know they are learning and provides parents with another way to communicate with their kids without yelling "stop" all the time. I can teach this one hour class anywhere; a classroom, school, park, home, meeting space. Each class is limited to 4 kids so you and your child can work on the skills taught in a focused environment. Cost is $30 per child. I also provide private classes in your home with just you and your child (up to 3 children from the same family), one hour in length for $75.

Ages 4-6: This class uses the same techniques as in the toddler class, however we spend more time role-playing certain situations kids may find themselves in, such as in the video above with the ice cream truck. This class lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours, is full of fun and learning for you and your child. Classes can take place anywhere as listed above in the ages 2-3 class, and cost $40 per child. Class size is limited to 8 kids. I also provide private classes in your home with just you and your child (up to 3 children from the same family), 1 to 1.5 hours in length for $100.

Group Class: If you have a large group of kids (up to 20) such as a school classroom or group, I can work with all ages up to 10 years old about what I call "people safety". To a kid no one is a stranger, so "stranger-danger" doesn't work too well, especially with the toddler ages because they don't have a clue what a "stranger" is. Please contact me below to talk about your group class.

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